C-Menopause Philosophy

Menopause Doula Philosophy

The circle of life that brings menopause is just another step on the path of life. For too long we have believed that menopause was the end of fertility and that what followed was a difficult time that many struggled to adjust to. Today we understand that this is also a new phase and that it can be welcomed and celebrated. It is a time of letting go and opening up to not only the bodily changes but also to the mental, emotional, psychological and even spiritual changes. Sacred Space believes that this stage is a hugely transformative one that should be entered into just as consciously as we enter the other stages of our lives.

Sacred Space Doulas are trained to see this time of change as a beautiful transition into the wise elder, they who hold the secrets of their community and knowledgeable healer. Creating rituals and celebrations to honour the crossing of this threshold requires sensitivity and intuition as every person’s experience is personal and transformative on a body, mind and spirit level. Sacred Space doulas recognise that the person approaching menopause or experiencing menopause finds themselves at a crossroad, just like the young person finds themselves at a crossroad. A person in midlife finds themselves between the world of what they have been and that they know, and the world of what they will be and the unknown.

Our doulas wish to be a guiding mentor, helping to break the silence and cultural misconceptions and barriers. They also seek to create a wider community that embraces every member as an equal yet different contributor.