“In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.” 
– Albert Camus

We host several workshops that delve into the heart and soul of being a doula. We believe that it is essential to take time out from our everyday lives to retreat away from and to retreat within to do the deep work that will help you to meet your inner doula. Each area of life that we are called to serve is a new transition. Each transition is called forth by blood. Blood flows throughout our lives, in many different ways and we at Sacred Space Doulas acknowledge and honour this flow in our teachings.

Our trainings are held in English and there is some Finnish language support in each workshop for those Finns that feel they may want some help with fully understanding the concepts. Perfect English is not a requirement but passable knowledge and ability to communicate simply is needed. All home-studies and exams can be written in English, Finnish, or Italian.

Birth Doula

Explore how you can support during the pregnancy, birth and immediate postpartum. Discover the many different ways you can be present and offer guidance to new born mothers/parents.

Menarche Doula

Explore the power of the moon time and become acquainted with the abundance that flows through us. Discover how you can celebrate and create more meaning as you embrace and rejoice in the sacred transition into womanhood/adulthood.

Motherhood/Parenthood Doula

Explore and expand your knowledge in postpartum care. Delve into how to nourish, nurture and create community by weaving a web of support around freshly birthed mothers/parents.

Menopause Doula

Explore how to let go and welcome the shifting tides of the moon time flow. Welcome the sage and wise elder being born in the ashes of their womanhood/personhood. Rejoice and celebrate this age old transition with new found power.

Death Doula

Explore the various dimensions of loss and how to be present and hold sacred space during the final moments of a person’s life. Expand your knowledge on how to mindfully support survivors as well as those dying with honour and meaning.