Menopause Doula

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“I think telling your daughter about the menopause is the second most important conversation you should have with her, after the facts of life, because communication is key to breaking down the stigma.”
-Linda Barker

A doula holds space through all life transitions. Some doula roles are more common today but some, like the menopause doula, have fallen away. This course is a re-awakening to the ways of older traditions, whereby wise people led the way for those following in their footsteps. Each life transition is facilitated by those that walked the path before us and so the re-awakening of the menopause doula brings with it the collective knowledge held deep within our bones.

This 3 day full immersive workshop focuses on re-awakening, re-discovering and re-claiming the power of the crone, those who have emerged from the change of life and hold a new place in society. This workshop is to help each person discover their own needs as they journey into menopause and how to hold sacred space for those that follow.

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Schedule of dates, times, locations and investment:

Laajasalo, Helsinki
€600 includes refreshments, workshop and training manuals
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Each day from Friday to Sunday will begin promptly at 9:00 till 17:00
We will have tea breaks in the mid morning and mid afternoon with lunch from 12:00 till 13:00.
Your investment for the entire training including refreshments, workshop manuals (Menopause Workshop and Homestudy manual) is €600. 
Thereafter when you are ready to complete your certification, a fee of €250 becomes payable before you write your exam.

Sacred Space Doula Training offers you a practical and celebratory approach to assisting and supporting women in their journey into menopause through the art of facilitating re-awakening circles to initiate people into cronehood.

This workshop introduces you to the world of being a creative and aware menopause doula – whether you are wanting to celebrate your own transition into menopause or you want to host regular circles for friends, family or other people, this workshop will equip you with many new skills, the knowledge necessary and the practicality of holding ceremonial circles to honour this life transition.

This intensive workshop is structured over 3 days. As with all our workshops this time is intended as a time for retreating and contemplating the changes that are occurring within. First you need to uncover your own needs before you can identify the needs of others and you will experience holding the sacred space of the menopause period and discover the doula within you.

This workshop is open to all who wish to explore how to host meaningful and celebratory circles. There are no restrictions placed on attendees except the willingness to explore within themselves new depths, the dedication to hold the sacred space of menopause and the honour of witnessing the birth of the crone.

After the beginning workshop, for those wishing to complete their postpartum doula certification there are specific requirements to fulfil. This part of the programme is for those who have decided that this is the path that they wish to explore and want a certification.

The home study portion to be completed includes:

  • Documenting several menopausal awakening and celebration circles
  • Writing your impressions and thoughts of what you have learned with each menopausal awakening and celebration and how this will assist you in future service to people entering cronehood
  • A reading list with introspective notes
  • List of ongoing education
  • A brief self assessment
  • Completion of the home study packet
  • An online written examination

The completion of your home study depends on your personal commitment and life situation. It can be completed between 6 months to 2 years.

If you haven’t completed the home study within 2 years you will need to repeat the workshop. Special circumstances will always be taken into account and extensions will be given if asked for.

During this 3 day workshop you will learn:

Day 1 – Peri-menopausal Understanding
– The re-awakening of the menopause doula
– Peri- and post- menopause stages
– Peri-menopause changes in appearance, behaviour and emotions
– Exploring stereotypes, taboos, myths and prejudices
– Cycle of birth and rebirth – maiden-youth/mother-parent/crone
– Processing and embracing cronehood
– How to host a celebratory circle
– Hands on and experiential information

Day 2 – Menopausal knowledge
– Understanding hormones and alternatives
– Menopause as nature intended – herbs, oils and nutrition
– Medical management of menopause – risks and benefits
– Physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment
– Educational information about current research and local resources
– Menopause fertility and sexuality
– Hands on, experiential and video information

Day 3 – Post-menopausal Celebration
– Getting started and networking: the how and why of setting up your menopause doula circle or how to celebrate another’s journey
– Self care and introspection: inner preparation and how to nurture yourself so you stand as an example to others! 
– Creating community: working with people to create cohesiveness and unity and overcome shame and taboo
– Ceremony and celebration: how to make meaningful celebrations and honouring the work of the new crone
– Scope and ethical considerations: the what, when and why of it all