Death Doula

“Grief is the midwife of your capacity to be immensely grateful for being born.” 
Stephen Jenkinson

End of life transitions are moments in life where deep personal transformation becomes possible. Our culture has adapted well to this new era of technology and advancement and whilst this aids us in moving towards the future we have sadly removed an integral part of our being human: the ability to embrace and cope with loss and death.
Loss and death are not one and the same. they are separate events and sometimes they coincide.
We explore in a safe, private environment what loss, grieving, mourning and death have to offer on profoundly different levels. This workshop has been created to explore the deeper meanings in the losses we experience in life. It is not just about our own personal death or those that we love but also recognising and allowing space for other types of losses we encounter in our lifetime. Death is but one aspect.

Some people that attend this training do so for purely personal reasons and are not seeking a career in this field. We encourage all who are drawn to understanding more about loss to join us…

Schedule of dates, times, locations and investment:

Laajasalo, Helsinki
800€ includes refreshments, workshop and training manual
Available on the upcoming trainings page

Each day will begin promptly at 9:00 till 17:00
We will have tea breaks in the mid morning and mid afternoon with lunch from 12:00 till 13:00.
Your investment for the entire training including refreshments, workshop manuals (Workshop, Homestudy and manual) is €800.
Thereafter to complete your certification a fee of €250 becomes payable before you write your exam.

Sacred Space Death Doula Training offers you a realistic and compassionate approach to assisting and supporting grieving and mourning individuals experiencing any type of loss. It is also designed as a personal journey for each participant to explore their own ideologies and beliefs regarding death, loss and grief. This workshop is an introduction to the world of being a death doula – it is not specifically about one type of support i.e. pregnancy loss or end of life support but rather a comprehensive approach to preparing for loss on all levels of life.

After your introductory workshop you will be equipped with many new skills that can be used practically with clients as well as to deepen your own personal preparation and how to cultivate a deeper understanding of loss and grief in your own life.

This intensive workshop is structured over 3 days. It is intended as a time for retreating within and contemplation. As you slowly open up to your own personal losses you will find the rawness hidden away, protected and reserved deeply inside you. This is time for your own healing first. It is a highly emotional workshop so please make sure you are able to be fully present, mind, body and spirit for the entire 3 days.

This workshop is open to all who wish to explore this dedicated career or to expand their awareness and understanding of loss and death. There are no restrictions placed on attendees except the willingness to explore within themselves new depths, the dedication to hold the sacred space of death and loss and the honour of witnessing the full circle of life.

After the beginning workshop, for those wishing to complete their death doula certification there are specific requirements to fulfil. This part of the programme is for those who have decided that this is the path that they wish to explore.

The home study portion to be completed includes:

  • Documenting support through various losses
  • Writing your impressions and thoughts of what you have learned at each experience and how this will assist you to offer support in the future
  • A reading list with introspective notes
  • List of ongoing education
  • A brief self assessment
  • Completion of the home study packet
  • An online written examination

The completion of your home study depends on your personal commitment and life situation. It can be completed between 6 months to 2 years.

If you haven’t completed the home study within 2 years you will need to repeat the workshop. Special circumstances will always be taken into account and extensions will be given if asked for.

During this 3 day workshop you will learn:

Day 1 – Loss and Bereavement
– Experiencing loss and death in our culture: how we are influenced in our way of thinking about grieving, mourning, suffering, loss, death, end of life situations, and the impact this has on us
– Preparing to let go: awareness about loss, how to recognise it, what to say and do and what not to say or do in different loss situations
– Spiral of grief: assessing different models of the phases of grief and how they pertain to you and those you are with
– Activated deep listening: hearing the unspoken meaning behind the words and how to validate individual experiences
– Building trust and facilitating difficult discussions: how to establish a deeper relationship that facilitates open discussion and clear communication
– Experiential and video information

Day 2 – Grief and Mourning
– Personal impact of grief: physical, behavioural, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and philosophical reactions
– Grief and loss: how to hold space in times of sorrow and unexpected outcomes
– Sudden death and loss versus impending death and loss: understanding how these differ and how we respond to them
– Creating a support team/circle: how to establish a support network around you or those experiencing loss
– Holding sacred space: how to hold space for your own and others experiences, how to clear and center your own space/mind/heart in preparation for loss
– Hands on, experiential and video information Grief and Mourning

Day 3 – Sacred Death and End of Life
– Recognising signs and symptoms of approaching death
– Debriefing before an expected end of life: exploring the needs of the dying and their family
-Planning for a Good death: how to help prepare for a food death/ action plans/living wills
– Companioning alongside the dying: keeping vigil and being present
– Care during different phases: care for the living, the dying, the dead
– Healing modalities and other mindful practices: explore different ways to bring healing and acceptance through energy work, herbs, essential oils, music, movement and massage
– Creating meaningful rituals and ceremonies: embracing end of life transitions with acceptance, dignity, honour and respect
– Death doulas scope of practice: practicalities for becoming a grief walker