About Soňa

“I am enchanted by the wisdom of the body.” 

Ever since I remember I was physically very active. As a child I was swimming, doing karate, basketball, hiking, biking…

When I studied musical acting at the University in Czech Republic I was dancing 15-18 hours a week. This kind of lifestyle teaches you how to use your body in most unexpected ways but at the same time it is live important to learn how to revitalise your body. 

Massage is one of the tools and since my schoolmates and eventually theater colleagues were telling me I have magical hands so I decided to get a certificate as a masseur. Just to try for myself,  just for fun. But I realised there is a good mixture of body awareness I have, knowledge and intuition that really works and people are not only feeling relaxed but often really better after my massages, sometimes with some extra spiritual trip as a bonus. 

The other dimension I got in touch through body awareness, body work and dancing Argentinian tango is connection with that untouchable inside us. In Japan they call it Chi, in India Prana, but we can call it as simply as energy. I have an experience that this energy truly exists and ever since I have been on a journey to observe, explore, study it and the ways how to keep it flowing inside us to keep enhancing health, wealth, joy and love in our lives. 

There are many aspects which create me as I am but let me now talk about one more. The one for which I am right now walking the path as a birth worker and that is my motherhood journey.

Now I understand I knew nothing about the power and wisdom of my body until I got pregnant and gave birth. I was blessed with two wonderful healthy kids but I am one of those lucky ones who can say I as well had two empowering, positive, unforgettable home water births. This experience transformed me so radically I decided to work with and for moms and birthing people. In 2016 I started to attend labors as a birth doula and a year later I got certified as a HypnoBirthing practitioner and childbirth educator. Becoming active around the birth I realized what a powerful tool massage can be. It felt natural to become specialized in pregnancy, birth and postpartum massages as well as in rare care of the scar tissue after cesarean birth or small inner scars after episiotomy or tearing during vaginal birth. 

My recently finishing studies include Dance-Movement Therapy at Roiha institut  and Sensual Holistic Body Massage CORE TOUCH® Level II at  The European Academy of Somatic Education (EASE)


Previous studies:

  • Certificate of professional competence as a  masseur of classical and sports massage – Reminy, s.r.o.  (School accredited by Slovak Ministry of Education –  89/2004) 25.7.-5.9.2007 Certificate No. A 389/2007 – 200hrs 
  • Course of The Secret of the Body and Ritual of Senses – EASE 26.4.2015 (Topics: Sensual oil massage, Erotic reflexology, The Ritual of awakening the senses, Massage of five elements)
  • Course of Scar Tissue Healing – EASE 2.8.2015 (Topics: healing of outer and inner scars through massage & trauma release process)
  • Certified as HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator – HypnoBirthing® Institute (Marie F. Mongan, Director) 11.12.2017 Certificat No. 2181-17
  • Professional training of CORE TOUCH® I – The European Academy of Somatic Education (EASE) – 11.6.2021 (Topics: Holistic Sensual Massage CORE TOUCH®; Genital Massage & Reflexology; Vaginal Mapping; Pelvic Floor Massage; Anal Massage; Breathwork & the Big Draw; Healing Aspects of Holistic Sensual Massage; Ritual of Senses; Elements Massage; Mouth, Nose & Ears Massage; Limbic Imprint Recoding – 100hrs)
  • Certificate in Pregnancy massage – Dexter Academy – 19.1.2022 International accreditation ID: 2022-30214-57317
  • Personal training by Mentor Lenka Maňáková -holistic masseuse CZ specialized in bodywork and emotional trauma releasing, and pregnancy and postpartum massage –   in the training since 2019 still going.