C-Menarche Philosophy

Menarche Doula Philosophy

The waxing and waning of the moon cycles herald the blood mysteries. Once upon a time these transitions were revered and honoured. The crossing over from childhood into adulthood was celebrated and observed through rituals and celebrations thus creating a sense of great anticipation, satisfaction and achievement for the young maiden. 
We come into this world wide open to receive love and acceptance. Our experiences shape us and we learn from those that come before us. A young person’s first moon time is the foundation from which they learn how to conduct themselves through their years of adulthood. 

We believe at Sacred Space Doula Training that we need to intentionally honour and celebrate this rite of passage into adulthood in a profound and reverent way so that we may help our younger generation to more fully embrace themselves as they venture into the world. Sacred Space Doulas are trained and initiated into the deeper mysteries of the coming of age and moon rites. They will lead with confidence and generosity of spirit to help the new person take their first steps into adulthood. 

Training has been provided for all those that wished to hold this space for youngsters as they unfold into confident, sure and empowered young adults. Each doula candidate is mentored through their training so that when they complete their certification they are confident and assured of offering only the best they are capable of.

Sacred Space doulas are supported and encouraged to continuously engage in activities and interests that will enhance their basic training. Each Sacred Space doula is mentored to heal their own wounded child and discover the power that lies deep with in them. Only in this manner can they be prepared to hold the space to initiate another into the sacredness of birth, life and death.