C-Motherhood/Parenthood Philosophy

Motherhood/Parenthood Doula Philosophy

When a child is born so is a mother/parent. The first few days postpartum should essentially be a time of recuperation and babymooning together. This is the time where a new mother/parent begins to find their own way and discovers themselves in this new role. This sensitive period should be protected and nurtured by their village of support people. An ancient African proverb reminds us, after all, that it takes a village to raise a child.

Many cultures around the world recognise a lying in period of around 40 days, whereby the newly emerging mother/parent and baby dyad get to discover one another and strengthen the bond that unifies them. We believe this cannot be hurried and the mother/parent needs nurturing in order to nurture, they need nourishing so they too can nourish. This is the cycle we need to honour and reclaim. For each mother/parent to become more fully mother/parent, they need to be mentored by example. Sacred Space Doulas nurture and support in this time with keen attention to the subtle and obvious needs of the new family.

Training has been provided for all those that wished to hold this space for parents as they unfold into new, strong family units. Each candidate is mentored through their training so that when they complete their certification they are confident and assured of offering only the best they are capable of.

Sacred Space Doulas are constantly encouraged to update their knowledge and to apply evidence-based and proven methods so that their service is always the best that they can offer.