C-Death Philosophy

Death Doula Philosophy

Death has been for so long shrouded in dread and mystery. It is talked about in hushed tones and no one wants to dwell too long on the topic. Sacred Space Doulas are helping to shed light and return the act of dying, from resistance and denial to an integral and essential part of life.
How people die matters. It matters to the person dying but it also matters to the people that are left behind. A good death is a healing that soothes the soul. We can live a fuller, more meaningful life with deeper commitments when we fully understand and embrace that our time is limited and we need to truly make the most of what we have.

Sacred Space Doulas deeply understand that dying is a subjective experience. Every death is as unique as each and every person we know. Learning to get in touch with the deeper parts of oneself in preparation for dying requires sensitivity, respect and honour. Our doulas explore firsthand how to be in touch with the silence within themselves so that they can be comfortable during the longer silences that accompany death. They are encouraged to recognise that everything in life has a purpose and that all the events of our lives are a blessing from which we learn and grow. Only when they are capable of this can they hold sacred space for those passing over.

Holding space for the final threshold is honest and raw work. Not all are suitable to this calling. It requires a deep sense of self-commitment, reflection onto oneself about the experiences of life and death, and the ability to humbly remove oneself from the light so that the true protagonist, the person dying, can be ultimately honoured and remembered.